“dear poets”- Poem Edit

I’ve decided to do an editing process for the poem I wrote a little while ago! This will be the first time on this blog that I’ve edited my own piece.



My edits:


1. I switch the order of the first two lines, because “we get it” sounds more exasperated than “we understand.” That way, there’s more of a progression. “We understand– we get it!”

2. I add in a word. “Don’t you dare pretend.” Sounds more aggressive.

3. I make this more specific by adding the word “your” in front of “sonnets.”

4. This line is a bit yikes to me, so I change it entirely.

5. I italicize all of the aren’ts.

6. I want there to be a parallel structure in the verses (11 lines, then 2 lines) so I backspace here and add the “and” onto the previous line.

Completed version:



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