Charlotte Saint – Crookfield

Behold! One of the two main characters of the yet-to-be-renamed Crookfield! Charlotte Saint is my secondary main character. She’s eighteen years old and living in Crookfield for one summer only: the summer before she finally enters college. Her father ditched Crookfield many years before her birth and never looked back, but her estranged Crookfield family […]

“Crookfield was a dusty roadside town…” – Crookfield

I have begun a new story! It doesn’t have a name yet. I’m just calling it “Crookfield” at the moment because that’s the name of the town where it takes place. The story involves elderĀ gods, blood sacrifice, ex(?)-cult towns, centuries-old traditions, and old-fashioned Southern mayors. Our two main characters are Thistle Bancroft, a native resident […]